Ejendomsfonden Vandkulturhuset Papirøen was founded by Nordea-fonden in the autumn of 2018.

The City of Copenhagen provides the area and right to build on the Copenhagen island of Christiansholm to the development foundation Ejendomsfonden Vandkulturhuset Papirøen. The site is made available as a right of use agreement with 40 years security of tenancy and on the condition that the Water Culture House is built.

The development foundation’s purpose is to plan, build, maintain and lease buildings and areas as a framework for the Water Culture House on the Copenhagen island of Christiansholm.

The Board of Ejendomsfonden Vandkulturhuset Papirøen consists of three members who are appointed by By og Havn I/S, the City of Copenhagen and by the board by co-option.


Form for “Lovpligtig redegørelse om god fondsledelse” (Compulsory documentation of good foundation management), cf. the Danish Financial Statements Act, Section 77 a.

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2019 / 2020 / 2021

From November 2018, the Board’s members consist of:

The Chairman:
Erik Jæger, owner of the construction consultancy CONPHI
(appointed by co-option)

Vice chairman
Andreas Christensen, lawyer
(appointed by the City of Copenhagen)

Michael Soetmann, former Development and Sales Director at By & Havn I/S
(appointed by By & Havn)

Jesper Nybo Andersen
(appointed by co-option)

Foundation Director
Klaus Nørskov

Foundation Project Manager
Søren Hjalmar Thomsen

If you have any questions relating to Ejendomsfonden Vandkulturhuset Papirøen, then please feel free to contact us by e-mail at info@vandkulturhusetpapiroen.dk.

Ejendomsfonden Vandkulturhuset Papirøen
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